Easter Treats

The perfect Easter treat for everyone!

As Easter rolls around again, we start drooling as we smell hot cross buns at the shops and colourful foil wrapped chocolates start popping up everywhere! 

This Easter we will be including decorated sugar cookies as part of the treats we give to our family and friends.  Our homemade delights are always well appreciated by all who receive them.  Cookie recipes can easily be found to suit taste and dietary requirements such gluten free, dairy free and nut free in all kinds of tasty flavours and varieties, making them the perfect gift for everyone.

Over the last few weeks the most popular cookies cutters have been bunnies, carrots, birds and crosses for a wide variety of Easter themed baking!

Cookies decorated with royal icing will keep well for a couple of weeks in an air tight container, so preparation can be done in advance, with the decorating process spread in intervals over a few days.

Decorating and icing batches of cookies can be enjoyed by the whole family – imagine your kids proud little faces as they present their own decorated sugar cookies to their relatives!  

We have found that kids love rolling and stamping out cookie dough (and sneaking a quick nibble of the dough) and watching their shapes bake away in the oven.   With a packet of disposable piping bags at the ready, royal icing can be divided and coloured into an array of colours, ready for your kids to create their own master pieces.  Easter eggs, sprinkles and lollies will make your kids decorating experience one to remember.

Happy Baking!