Wedding Sugar Cookies

Weddings are such a special occasion for the lucky couple, and their family and friends.  It is also a fantastic occasion to share the love and make cookies! Whether you would like to surprise the bride and groom with a gift of sweet treats or would like to add a personal touch to your wedding events, cookies are always a crowd pleaser that can be created for any event.   

For the couple who have it all, a unique and thoughtful gift could be a selection of engagement themed cookies for them to enjoy together.  Our plaque cookie cutters make an excellent background for text themed cookies such as “congratulations” “she said, yes!” “future Mr. & Mrs.”  There are ring shaped cookie cutters, hearts, champagne flutes, flowers and gift boxes, that could be decorated in a consistent colour scheme to make a themed set of cookies just right for the occasion.  

If you are attending a bridal shower or kitchen tea, it is often requested that all guests ‘bring a plate’. A really unique addition to an afternoon tea spread could be some feminine linzer, or roll out cookies filled with jam, or half dipped in chocolate with cute sprinkles.  Piping royal icing can be fairly time consuming, especially if a large quantity of biscuits is required.  Heart shaped biscuits spread with royal icing flavoured with freeze dried berries can make a very simple, rustic and romantic cookie. 

Are you hosting the bachelorette party?  Why not give the bride some cheeky biscuits to make her blush! There are a range of X-rated suggestive cutters, and flirty lips, underwear and may other shapes for a girls night of shenanigans!

When browsing through Pinterest there is a growing trend of DIY weddings, where the wedding party, bridal couple and their family all pitch in to create decorations, dessert buffets and even the wedding cake themselves.  If there is a keen baker in this group, there is an opportunity to create place holder at the reception tables with each guest’s name on a plaque style cookie.  These cookies can be decorated in the style and colour scheme of the wedding and can be as simple or extravagant as you like.  Simple fondant cut outs stamped with guests names can be placed on a roll out cookie, for a relatively quick, easy and consistent result.  Or perhaps a design that involves intricate borders around plaque cookies, with cursive, gold painted script or more your style? There is so much inspiration on Pinterest for this style of decorated cookie, there is bound to be something that will inspire your own wedding biscuits! 

One of the most thoughtful gifts we received when we got married, was a huge box of wedding themed cookies beautifully decorated in a pink and gold theme.  They were sweet, buttery and truly delicious!